GlassGuard publishes a new LED luminaire catalogue

As a specialist provider of affordable, protective, energy efficient lighting solutions to the food and associated industries GlassGuard® is proud to publish a new LED luminaire catalogue that showcases unique and innovative lighting products. Read more »

Featured Case Study: Heinrich Manten

A raw meat supplier in Germany installed GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention lamps to safeguard against glass contamination and injury to personnel following an accidental lamp breakage. Heinrich Manten is a raw meat supplier from the Lower Rhine region of Germany. It supplies raw meat to meat product factories, meat wholesalers and specialist resellers worldwide including the… Read more »

GlassGuard launches Stainless Steel IP66 LED luminaires

If you are incurring high costs to remove, replace and install plastic and steel bodied fixtures that cannot withstand your harsh operating environment GlassGuard has the solution. GlassGuard Philips Fortimo LED powered stainless steel luminaires are an easy and cost effective replacement for inefficient fluorescent, sodium and metal halide fixtures operating in harsh environments Read more »

GlassGuard® announces financed lighting schemes

As a dedicated partner to the food industry, GlassGuard® has announced the introduction of financed lighting schemes. Through their finance partner Lombard, GlassGuard® can now provide competitive financial packages for lighting schemes in excess of £5,000 that can be arranged over 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Read more »

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  • 15/9/16 - GlassGuard publishes a new LED luminaire catalogue Read More

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