Direct Extrusion Technology

GlassGuard BlackBand ® to IEC 61549 Fragment Retention Fluorescent Lamps are coated using a high tensile strength modified fluoropolymer resin applied by automated direct extrusion technology. Our high speed patented process hermetically seals the coating to the lamp envelope, including end-caps, providing 100% protection. This unique application eliminates the risk of any trapped air pockets between the lamp and coating which can potentially burn out in service leading to premature failure. Alternative products in the market which are commonly shrink-sleeved by hand using hot air guns or tunnels have very little process control; leading to potential variations in quality. GlassGuard®’s in house direct extrusion technology allows ‘the melt’ to precisely flow over the contour of each lamp, automatically sealing the ends and eliminating any potential gaps which can lead to ‘end-cap ejection’ on impact, in the event of accidental breakage.


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