GlassGuard® launches Stainless Steel IP65 LED luminaires

If you are incurring high costs to remove, replace and install plastic and steel bodied fixtures that cannot withstand your harsh operating environment GlassGuard® has the solution.
GlassGuard® Philips Fortimo LED powered stainless steel luminaires are an easy and cost effective replacement for inefficient fluorescent, sodium and metal halide fixtures operating in harsh environments.

Primary features Primary benefits
316L Food Grade Stainless Steel Built to withstand harsh environments
FEP Coated Lens Inert to harsh cleaning agents
Philips Fortimo LED Boards and Drivers Better Lighting with a five year warranty
Low Energy Consumption Save up to *90% in energy costs*
Long 50,000 hour+ Service Life Fix and forget ultra-low maintenance

*with lighting control

A good investment!

If you were replacing 5ft 58w Twin IP65 enclosed plastic bodied fixtures twice a year you could be incurring the following costs.
•Budget IP65 Fitting = £50
•Removal Cost = £35
•Install Cost = £65
•Total Cost = £150 x 2 = £300 per annum

A GlassGuard® Stainless Steel LED luminaire will offer a trouble-free 50,000 hour (5.7 year) service life. Based on the above example you could expect to spend £1,710 (5.7 x £300) over this period.
GlassGuard® Stainless Steel LED luminaires will negate these costs whilst saving you in excess of 50% on your energy costs and they are not as expensive as you think!

All GlassGuard® LED luminaires are ECA eligible, available on finance and come with a five year warranty.

Please see attached product data sheet for additional features and benefits.