In Partnership With BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards is an industry-wide benchmark for quality and food safety. The BRC has over 18,000 certified suppliers across 120 countries.

GlassGuard® has been working in partnership with the BRC since 2008. We continue to promote industry compliant fragment retention lamps and luminaires to all certificated food and packaging manufacturers, offering energy and maintenance saving opportunities as well as improved plant safety.

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“…bulbs and strip lights shall be adequately protected…”
BRC Global Standard for Food Safety-Issue 7 (Section 4.4.11)

Guide to Lighting Best Practice for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

The BRC in conjunction with the Society of Light and Lighting have published a free Guide to Lighting Best Practice. Certificated sites can learn how to save money while improving plant safety and reducing maintenance costs using this guide.

The Guide to Lighting Best Practice also offers advice on avoiding uneconomical installations leading to poor performance and cost of ownership.

“With today’s ever changing lighting technology, costly mistakes can be made leading to poor performance and uneconomical lighting installations. This Guide offers guidance on how to avoid such mistakes.”
Mark Proctor – CEO, BRC Global Standards

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