LiveLED IP65 Enclosed Luminaire with no driver

GlassGuard LiveLED IP65 50W enclosed

Product description

GlassGuard energy efficient LiveLED IP65 enclosed luminaire with no driver needed. Body and top made of non-flammable GRP. Fitted with Philips BlackBand® LED T8 lamps. Low maintenance ‘direct mains connection’ with no circuit losses.

Maximize Return on Investment

  • LED tubes ensure maximum luminaire lifetime (typically 5.7 years) as they can be replaced. Most integrated LED (strip or board) luminaires do not have replaceable parts and require removal, re-purchase and installation
  • Coupled with our enclosed IP65 luminaire means very short payback periods can be achieved

Product Features

  • Philips T8 LED lamp technology generating 6,263 lumen
  • Fitted with GlassGuard Philips BlackBand® LED energy efficient lamps
  • Fitted with Stainless Steel clips
  • Emergency option available
  • Lighting control option available

Product benefits

  • LED lamp technology provides up to 58%/65% energy savings over conventional T8 58w & 70w lamps
  • Direct Mains Connection (no control gear / no driver) and easy lamp replacement significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Fast payback period
  • Greater than 80% lumen maintenance and 50,000 hours (5.7 years) service life
  • Passes BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and all other food safety management system audits to a high level
  • ECA Eligible (Enhanced Capital Allowance – UK)


  • Suitable for all food process and packaging environments
  • Also suitable for beverage, storage, distribution and warehouses
  • Ideal for cold-room storage
Wattage Operating height Dimensions (L W H)mm Options
50 W 2-5 m 1577 x 116 x 99 Lighting control and Emergency,