GlassGuard® is a leading provider of safer lighting solutions dedicated to food manufacturing and associated industries. Established in 1976, we have been protecting products, personnel and profits since the launch of our first fragment retention lamps in 1992.

Our lighting solutions are designed to satisfy all the requirements of food safety management systems and recognised Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes. They provide the necessary protection required to minimise the risk of glass contamination and assure food safety.

GlassGuard® provides a comprehensive lighting design service for the food industry that ensures correct products and illumination levels are achieved.

We produce Europe’s widest range of IEC 61549 compliant fragment retention lamps (sometimes known as shatterproof lamps), providing must-have insurance against glass contamination from accidental lamp breakage.

Designed specifically for the food industry

Safer Lighting Solutions - shatterproof lamps

The business continues to deliver lighting solutions that benefit all of our stakeholders, supported by first class customer service.

Five years after launching the highly acclaimed GlassGuard BlackBand® to IEC 61549, we have introduced our first innovative LED products which have been researched and developed specifically for the food industry.

GlassGuard® is a trading division of Fotolec Technologies Ltd.