Linear LED T5 Lamps

T5 LED tube specifically for use in GlassGuard® open-rated luminaires.

A GlassGuard BlackBand® fragment retention coating is applied to the LED tube to provide the highest level of protection against plastic and glass contamination and chemical attack.

Our GlassGuard BlackBand® LED T5 lamps are particularly suitable for cold storage environments. Light output is maintained at temperatures as low as -30°C where conventional lamps often fail and require additional costly special enclosures to maintain light levels.

GlassGuard BlackBand® LED T5 lamps can offer long term energy and maintenance savings compared to conventional lighting products. Simply replace the LED tubes at the end of their useful life and not the complete luminaire.

Product Description

T5 LED high output energy efficient lamp with a high temperature chemical resistant fluoropolymer coating applied externally to retain glass and plastic fragments in the event of accidental breakage.

Maximise Return on Investment

  • LED tubes ensure you maximise the lifetime of the luminaire as you only need to replace the tube at the end of service life
  • Coupled with our open rated luminaire and its high light output ratio means short payback periods can be achieved

Product Features

  • Single BlackBand® ring marking
  • Coated to a recognised industry standard
  • Suitable for open and enclosed luminaire operation between -30ºC and 40ºC ambient
  • 99% visible light transmission through coating
  • Coating FDA compliant to 21CRF177.1550 for food contact
  • Coating passes IEC 60598-1 850ºC glow wire and needle flame tests
  • Lamp and coating can be recycled
  • Lamp coating process certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and major lamp OEM supplier approvals
  • Coating service temperature range -70°C to +200°C
  • RoHs compliant

Product Benefits

  • Very high light output allowing for reduced numbers of luminaires, reduced capital cost and reduced payback periods
  • Rated to 55,000 hours (6.3 years) service life, significantly reducing maintenance costs
  • Significantly reduces the risk of glass contamination and shedding of particles which can be difficult to detect
  • BlackBand® ring marking allows fast identification during food safety management system audits
  • Coating inert to all acids and alkalis
  • Lamp can be cleaned and washed when used in GlassGuard® IP65 open-rated luminaire
  • Available in three beam angles 160°/75°/45° to suit a wide variety of applications


  • Suitable for standard and aggressive environments where cleaning chemicals are present*
  • Ideal for cold-room storage
*Luminaire dependent

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available.

Lamps must be replaced at the end of their rated life.

All products where applicable are subject to WEEE recycling charge.

GlassGuard BlackBand® LED T5 Lamps

Stock Code Length Wattage Colour Service Life (hours)
LED5FT2884/S 5ft/1500mm 28 W 840 55,000

Standard beam angle 160°
75° and 45° beam angle available on request