UVC Germicidal Lamps

GlassGuard BlackBand® UVC Germicidal Lamps to IEC 61549

Product Description

UVC Germicidal fluorescent lamps with high temperature resistant fluoropolymer coating externally applied to retain glass fragments in the event of accidental breakage.

Product Description

  • Exclusive single BlackBand® ring identifier to IEC 61549
  • Suitable for retro fitting with existing UVC systems
  • Coating temperature range -70°C to + 200°C
  • Coating life is equal to lamp service life
  • 70% UVC transmission through coating at 254nm
  • Coating FDA compliant to 21CRF177.1550 for food contact
  • Temperature resistance in compliance with IEC 60598-1 (passes 850°C glow wire test)
  • Lamp and coating recyclable
  • Lead free
  • RoHs compliant

Product Benefits

  • Provides glass free environment protecting products, personnel and profit
  • Significantly reduces the risk of glass contamination to a recognised industry standard
  • Achieves HACCP compliance quickly and easily to a high standard
  • Passes all food safety management system audits
  • Coating will not yellow or fail prematurely when subject to shortwave UVC


  • Sterilisation systems for food, water and air filtration

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available.

Lamps must be replaced at the end of their rated life.

All products where applicable are subject to WEEE recycling charge.

GlassGuard BlackBand® to IEC 61549 Germicidal Lamps

UVC Germicidal Lamps - Fragment Retention Lamps / Shatterproof Lamp
Stock Code Type Length Wattage Output
15TUV/S T8 18″ / 450mm 15 W UVC 254nm
30TUV/S T8 3ft / 900mm 30 W UVC 254nm
36TUV/S T8 4ft / 1200mm 36 W UVC 254nm