BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 prompts GlassGuard® warning against lighting complacency

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GlassGuard® is keen to remind food manufacturers not to overlook lighting while focusing attention on the new Issue 7 of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 will be available on 7 January 2015, with the first audits against its requisite measures taking place in July. Whilst there are no changes to the lighting requirements in the new issue, safer lighting specialist GlassGuard® is reiterating its message to food manufacturers to consider their lighting requirements, alongside the criteria changes for the revised BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7.

Lighting is often neglected by food manufacturers as it is normally fixed at height and out of reach, or it is behind a diffuser cover” says Mark Goodwin of GlassGuard®. “It should be clearly understood that diffuser covers on strip lighting do not provide adequate protection. Most diffuser covers simply prevent dust and water ingress, not glass contamination, which is frequently overlooked. Extra vigilance is necessary during routine maintenance, because this is when most lamp breakages occur. When diffuser covers are removed, and unprotected glass lamps are being replaced, a simple mishandling accident can result in thousands of glass particles being spread over a wide area.

Last year the BRC reported Building Fabric (Section 4.4) and Glass, Brittle Plastic, Ceramics and Similar Materials Control (Section 4.9.3) as leading failures in a list of leading non-conformity groups (Food Safety – A Global View), prompting GlassGuard® to warn manufacturers against complacency when it comes to lighting management.

Section 4.4 (Building Fabric) of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety states that ‘bulbs and strip lights – including those on electric fly-killer devices – should be adequately protected’” continues Mark. “We believe that the most adequate protection food manufacturers can have are fragment retention lamps, often referred to as shatterproof lamps, as they will retain all the broken pieces of glass safely within its coating. Fragment retention lamps provide must-have insurance against the contamination of food products.

GlassGuard® recently welcomed the Guide to Lighting Best Practice for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, published by the BRC to assist food manufacturing and packaging sites to develop robust systems and procedures which adequately meet the lighting requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Mark Proctor, CEO of BRC Global Standards said: “With today’s ever changing lighting technology, costly mistakes can be made leading to poor performance and uneconomical lighting installations. This Guide offers guidance on how to avoid such mistakes.”

For copies of the Guide to Lighting Best Practice for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety please click here

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