GlassGuard® publishes a new LED luminaire catalogue

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As a specialist provider of affordable, protective, energy efficient lighting solutions to the food and associated industries GlassGuard® is proud to publish a new LED luminaire catalogue that showcases unique and innovative lighting products.

Included is the LiveLED Direct Mains Connection open rated and enclosed IP65 luminaire that offers huge energy savings coupled with true ‘fix & forget’ maintenance.

Stainless Steel (316L Grade) low energy Philips Fortimo powered LED luminaires for harsh environments make their introduction to the GlassGuard® product portfolio. Uniquely the plastic lenses are now shatter-proof as they are coated with the same GlassGuard® FEP coating as used on our BlackBand® lamps and tubes.

This combination of premium LED technology housed in a robust stainless steel body with FEP coated lens offers the ultimate in maintenance free longevity, energy reduction and superlative light output.

Mark Goodwin, Commercial Director commented: “GlassGuard® is not only Europe’s No 1 supplier of Fragment Retention Lamps. We are a specialist provider of affordable, protective, energy efficient lighting solutions.”

The unique lighting products we provide are specially designed to operate in the demanding environments of our industrial customers. Each product starts with the same objective; to protect against glass and plastic contamination, achieve significant energy and maintenance reduction and improve lighting quality.

The products featured in this new catalogue achieve this objective.”

To download a free copy, please click below:

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