HID Metal Halide

Fragment Retention Lamps

GlassGuard® Metal Halide Lamps

Quartz Metal Halide Lamps with Teflon® PFA High Temperature Performance Coating externally applied to retain glass fragments in the event of accidental breakage.

Glassguard glass guard tubes bulbs protective coating 17/06/13 17061301

Product Features

  • Impact resistant to 7 Metres
  • Suitable for open and enclosed fixture operation
  • Coating service life = lamp service life (if not exceeded by 250ºC in vertical burning position)
  • 95% visible light transmission through coating
  • FDA compliant to 21CRF177.1550 for food contact
  • Coating temperature resistant to IEC 60598-1 (passes 850ºC glow wire test and needle flame test)
  • Direct extrusion lamp coating process certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and major lamp OEM supplier approvals
  • Lamp and coating recyclable
  • RoHS compliant

Product Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of widespread glass contamination when accidentally broken – protecting product, personnel and profits
  • Achieves HACCP compliance quickly and easily to a high standard
  • Passes all food safety management system audits
  • Coating inert to acids and alkalis
  • Coating will not discolour
  • Simple retrofit for standard glass lamps


  • Food, beverage, packaging, storage, distribution and warehouses
  • Base-up installations only (Bay luminaire fixtures)

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available.

Lamps must be replaced at the end of their rated life.

Do not operate in horizontal position.

All products where applicable are subject to WEEE recycling charge.

Stock Code Wattage
250WHIE/S 250 W Ellliptical Metal Halide*
400WHIE/S 400 W Ellliptical Metal Halide*

* Can be operated with both sodium and mercury control gear

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions
Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier

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